Work your abs and your legs

I am not a big guy by any stretch of the imagination. I am about 175 lbs and almost 6 foot (I like to say I am). Well, the benefit I had going through highschool and part of college is that in my workouts, I always worked my abdomen muscles. I didn’t necessarily have a 6-pack, but I was fairly solid in that region.

One of the biggest issues I see face most amateur golfers, and some pro’s, is their posture. Think of your stomach, abs, and lowerback as the CORE of your body. They act as your stabalizer. This is not just in golf, this is in life. Having a strong mid section all around will help your posture, make your stomach appear flatter, and will ultimately be better in terms of your health because you are not putting certain stresses on muscles/bones that you would slouching over.

With golf, though, having a strong midsection will allow you to setup to the ball with a straighter back and have a more solid foundation when the club, arms, and back are twisting and torquing. The body goes through alot of stress, and those that have a solid midsection tend to be stronger and more accurate players. Their foundation is solid.

The same concept goes for the legs. Some say that the legs drive a golf swing. I am sure that is open to debate, but I would agree with that. If you don’t have strong legs, chances are, your posture will suffer, your balance will suffer, and ultimately, your shot will suffer.

Again, the legs are your base. Without them, well, you would be laying on the ground. When you begin your downswing, you are driving your legs toward the target, hence rotating your upper body, hence allowing your arms to fall into the correct position. If your legs are inactive, your swing will fail. I believe my legs are part of the reason my swing has flaws in it. They don’t do much during the downswing, and that can be a bad thing.


So, next time you go to the gym, do some running/biking, stair stepping, maybe some leg presses, and work on your abs. Do some crunches, situps, use a 5 pound weight while doing crunches. There is a myriad of ab workouts you can do, as well as leg workouts.

Give them a shot, it will utimately help your golf game.