10 Questions with Josh Young

In early March, I got a chance to go down to the Pinehurst Golf Resort because my cousin, who is in high school, was playing in the Nike Winternational Junior Series. I got a chance to play a practice round with my cousin and also joined a fellow Nike Junior player, Josh Young. Josh is a real nice player and one hell of a player also. Josh ended up winning the tournament on Pinehurst #4 with a 75 – 79. It was a tough course, so I tip my hat off to Josh for playing well.

Josh and I have emailed each other a couple times since meeting in Pinehurst and I wanted to start my Q & A session off with him.


10 Questions with Josh Young

1. Please tell me a little about yourself: Where are
you from and how long have you been playing golf?

Well I am a very outgoing and crazy guy anywhere except the golf course and when I step on there it’s all business. But I’m very hardworking on and off the course mostly though. I have worked extremely hard on my golf game to get where I am. I am from Greenbrier, Tennessee and I have been playing golf for almost 4 years now.

2. You plan on playing golf in college, do you know
where you are going yet?

Yes, I am planning on playing golf in college. I haven’t signed a letter of intent yet but I am waiting on that call here very soon. And when they do call me I will be signing. So I am about 90% sure that I’m going. I will be attending Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, Tennessee in the fall semester of 2005.

Update: Josh has been offered a scholarship to attend Martin Methodist College. Congrats Josh!

3. Were the Nike Winternational Junior Series events
your first set of ‘big’ tournaments you have played

No, the Nike Winternationals weren’t the first set of big tournaments that I have played. I did play in the AJGA last year so that would be the biggest set of tournaments that I have played in. But the Nike Winternationals would compete with some of the best AJGA tournaments.

4. What was your high school scoring average?

Well in our high school we only played nine hole matches so I would have to say that my high school average would be about 37. But in our post season tournaments like districts, regions, and state, my average would be like 75. So I held a pretty good average.

5. What areas of your game are the strongest and

I would have to say that my strongest part of my game would be my driver and 3-wood. I hit my driver about 280-310 depending on conditions and my 3-wood is like 230-255. So I am very strong off the tee and keeping it long and down the middle is no problem. But my weakest part of my game would be my high iron shots from about 200-225 out I tend to spray those a little bit but it’s nothing that a tight short game can’t fix.

6. Do you have aspirations of going pro one day?

Well yes, just like an amatuer golfer wants to make it all the way. But I will just have to see how my college career goes and if my game progresses and then I could say that I would go and try to make it. But as of right now, my game needs a little improvement before I can make that dream a reality.

7. What kind of influences did you have around you in
terms of golf, meaning, what made you really think, “I
want to play golf”

Well as a little kid I always had a little junior 5 iron I use to hit around the yard all the time but considering that no one else in my family plays golf I would really say that it would be my friend Michael Green who introduced the game as a competitive sport to me. He just asked my one day to go play with him and after that I was hooked every since. I was about 14 at the time. And Michael Green is gonna be up there with me at Martin Methodist so I can’t wait for that.

8. Were the Pinehurst courses some of the hardest
coures you have encountered? What about Pinehurst #2?
(note I have 6 putted the first green at pinehurst #2)

Yes, I would have to say that Pinehurst #4 and #2 are two of the hardest courses I have ever played. Ecspecually the greens bieng firm and fast as they was. But there are some very hard courses that you play on the AJGA as well. A course in Braselton, Georgia I played in a AJGA tournament ranks right up to Pinehurst courses as bien equally diffucult. But I would rather play Pinehurst anyday.

9. Are you self taught, or do you have a swing
instructor you work with?

I was self taught until my sophmore year in high school and then a man by the name of Jim Griffin decided to help out our golf team as a whole and I got my instruction from him. But I am very thankful for all of those people who have gave me pointers on my golf game it has really payed off.

10. This is the most important question of your life.
Do you like majorchampionships.com?

Yes, I do like majorchampionships.com it is very exciting to see it grow as to the amount of visitors it gets. But I still can’t wait until the college section gets up and running. Maybe I can get you in touch with my college coach and he can help you out when you get it set up.

Thank you for taking time to answer these questions Josh


This concludes 10 Questions with Josh Young. Please keep an eye out for future “10 Questions with…” segments.