Mizuno MP 32

Mizuno MP 32The Mizuno MP 32 forged blades will soon be my new sticks! I have been playing with Cleveland TA 7 Tour irons and I just cannot get used to them and honestly don’t like them at all. I don’t like the look at address, in the bag, anyway shape or form! They are really good improvement clubs, but they just are not for me. With that said I have been in the market for some new sticks and I do believe I’ve found them in the Mizuno MP 32’s with the new cut muscle technology. I played forged blades for years and went to cavity back and it was a mistake, BIG TIME! I like the look of blades so much better and it gives me so much confidence to hit a certain shot.

Along with the Cleveland clubs just not suiting my eye, they were standard everything. I’ve never had a club customized for me until here soon when I get the Mizuno’s! I went today and had a static testing done to see what length of shaft I would need, what lie, and even what stiffness. Seems for the last ohh 7 years or so I’ve been playing equipement that was not suited for me! So along with the added confidence these sticks are going to bring to the table for me, plus knowing now that I need the shafts to be 1/4 of an inch longer, and bent two degrees upright, but I also probably am going to go with x100 (extra stiff) shafts because I do have a pretty high swing speed. It just so happens that today at the golf store when I got statically fitted, the iron they gave me to swing was a Mizuno MP 32!

These irons are the BOMB. They were awarded Golf Magazine’s “Top Pick” and winner of 2005 “Editors’ Choice” in Golf Digest, and with good reason. These things are so soft and it feels like the ball stays on the club face for a very long time giving you awesome feel with each shot. The new Cut Muscle design in each iron gives a more consistance sweet spot location in each club along with a deeper center of gravity. Although they are not cavity backs, the cut muscle design has some cavity back quality making them one of the most forgiving blades on the market period. Not to mention that Mizuno has been the number one iron on the PGA tour for something like the last 7 years.

Anyway, if you’re a mid to low handicapper and want a new iron I beg you to try these things, I only caution you that you will be wanting to purchase some in the near future if you try them so keep that in mind!

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. I’ll be doing a follow up this article after I actually get the irons and play a round or two with them.

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