Tournament of Champions

UPDATE: Well, the tournament did not go as planned. For some reason, my swing felt better, but I couldn’t score, especially when it came to chipping and putting. My ball striking felt decent compared to the last 2 years (in which I have struggled with my swing), but I just couldn’t score in this tournament. I fired a 79 – 82. The first day, I just had 9 bogeys and 9 pars, but my 82 had a few more blips like a triple and a double bogey. So now its waiting time until the Indiana Amateur tournament.

Well, this friday and saturday, I will be playing in my first 2005 Amateur tournament. The tournament is called The Tournament of Champions and it is held at Fox Prairie Golf Course. You must have won a state club championship (public or private) in the last 5 years to be eligible to play.

In 2003, I won the Club Championship at Harbour Trees Golf Club. A win is a win, but I didn’t play very well that year. Somehow I won by 8 shots. I failed to repeat in 2004 (got 2nd) but I am gunning for it this year. The restaurant owner comes out with predictions every New Year and predicted I would win the Club Championship by 6 shots. With the inclusion of a new member, Jeff Chapman, this season, winning by 6 shots might be more of a stretch as Jeff is a high caliber player.

Anyways, this weekend is suppose to be great weather, mid 70’s, so I am excited to get out of the cold weather and play some quality golf. I have been working on my game this early spring, though I have run into some time issues this week (work related), which isn’t good if I want to practice for the tournament. Good news is, there is a range close to my work, so if I want to hit balls during lunch, I have that option.

I plan on winning this years Tournament of Champions, so wish me luck.