Fix That Hook!

I was at the range today and as normal I started off by hitting thirty or so wedge shots, then went up to a 9 iron, and then to a 7 iron and then back down to some more wedge shots (I practice the wedge probably most of all at the range).

So I finally decide to hit some wood shots. I start with my three wood and I am hooking it badly! My shots are starting off at the target and then just sweeping to the left…not a duck hook mind you, just a bad hook! :) So I figure, I’ll try the driver (cause I normally hit it well). Same result with the driver…a big hook! Okay, so I start scratching my head wondering what I am doing. My swing doesn’t feel any different than normal. So I hit some more and everyone of them hooks bad! Well I finally start (after about 20 hooks) checking my positions in slow motion. I notice that at waist level in the backswing where the club is parallel to the ground, my clubface was in a super closed position. So the next few shots I worked on getting the toe of the club to point more straight up in the air and not closed. The next probably 10 swings I was just blasting my driver right down the middle. Went back to the three wood which had gave me fits earlier and I was blasting it right down the middle. So for now it seems like a simple fix. We’ll see next I’m I go out I guess.

I guess its like Murphy’s Law…doing to same thing over and over again but expecting a different result (I do this alot on the golf course) So I just changed one little thing and I’m off hitting better shots!

So if you’re hooking the ball, check the toe up position in the backwing when the club is waist high. If its not pointing toward the sky then you’re either in for a hook or slice!