Lag putting…get better at it now!

Okay, so I’m not a golf pro by any means and I’m not going to try and be one in this post. What I am going to do is tell you about a little tip I read somewhere on the net for putting. If you’re like me then you’re not a great putter, which most golfers not on tour are not great putters, it’s just fact. Here recently I have been putting in more time on the practice green than the range though, so I’m hoping my putting will improve over the next few weeks.

I was browsing the web the other day at some golf sites and I came across a tip for putting in which I had not thought about before and here lately since I’ve used this method my putting has improved greatly (on the practice green that is).

I’ve always been one to try and putt with feel, and half the time it just doesn’t work. I’m comfortable with putts 15 feet and in as far as giving them a good run and trying to make them, but anything outside of that is for me going to be a lag putt, and my lagging is usually lagging!

Now for the tip! It’s simple, the tip was to basically just start at the hole and take 5 steps away from the hole which should be about 15 feet. Throw some balls down and putt, taking note on how far you are bringing the putter back on each. Once you have found the right length to bring the putter back on that 15 foot putt, just put that into your memory bank. From now on when you have a put that looks like its around 15 feet away you can step it off and see if its about 5 steps from your ball to the hole, if so then you’re set. You will know exactly how far to take the putter head back on this putt to get the speed right. It still involves feel, but you’re taking the guesswork out of it. You know exactly or close to exactly how far to bring the putter back on a 15 foot putt and it should be pretty close to the same on every green, unless you’re putting on US Open greens.

Now that you know how big of a stroke to take on a 15 footer, take 5 more steps back and make it a 30 foot putt. Since you’re familiar with the 15 foot stroke, all you need now is to double that stroke for a 30 footer, since 15 and 15 equals 30. So if you think about it like that its cake! Just take a nice smooth stroke, almost doubling the width of the backstroke and it should in theory end up close to the hole (taking into consideration if the putt is uphill or downhill you might have to adjust your stroke, but it should be close)

You can just about use this method for any length of putt and I’ve found that it has helped me tremendously on the greens especially with lag putting. I no longer am standing over a putt saying to myself “I think I need to take the putter back this far for this putt…” I don’t think anymore, I know almost perfectly how far to bring the putter back and how far through on each putt just by walking off each putt. After a while you get a feel for how many steps each putt is without even walking it off.

If you’re putter is a little shakey at times, try it and let us know how its working out for you. Its working for me so maybe it will for you too.