Mizuno MP32 continued

Mizuno MP 32A couple weeks ago I posted about the new clubs I would be receiving in the mail. They are the Mizuno MP32 blades with the new cut muscle technology. If you didn’t read the first post, you can read it in the equipment section of the site.

Okay…so I’ve hit the clubs three times now and played one whole round with them. These clubs feel wonderful! These are by far the best looking, most forgiving blades I’ve every seen or played. At address they just give you so much confidence to hit a shot. Let me tell you to that when you hit these things square, there is just no feeling like it. You can feel like ball just bounce off the clubface and it just feels effortless when this perfect impact happens. Even on the off center hits, you do not lose much if any distance with these irons and the off center hits don’t have the stinging sensation we all are used to with the old blades.

The first round I played with them didn’t turn out so good, but I can’t blame that on my irons at all. I did hit some wayward iron shots, I think simply because there is that transition period when you get a new set of clubs, but for the most part my irons were pretty solid. What killed me in this round was my driver, it was all over the place. But that’s another story so I’ll save it for another post!