Amateur Status breached?

So I ran into an interesting rule through email with the USGA. I had a question about whether the videos on videos page would put an amateur in violation. The videos do not fall on a page where any ads exist, there is no narration, so technically, those videos do not put either me or Deron into violation.

The following is the response I received from the USGA in regards to my question:

Dear Mr. Kohlmeier,

In reply to your email, if an amateur golfer has golf skill or
reputation, then you may not use his likeness in a video or provide
narration about his swing. If an amateur golfer that has golf skill or
reputation allows his likeness to be used in such a manner, he is in
breach of Rule 6-2.

If an amateur golfer does not have golf skill or reputation, then you
may use his likeness in a video but you may not provide narration about
his swing.

Thank you for your interest in the Rules of Amateur Status. The Rule
mentioned above can be found on the USGA’s website at
Amateur Status Rules.


So, what constitutes one having ‘golf skill’? My wife does not routinely golf, but technically, if she golfs, she has golf skill. Does one require a handicap to be considered having ‘golf skill’?

As I have said, I don’t believe the videos on this site are in breach of the rule simply because we are not making money off them, there is no narration, and there are no ads on the page the videos are contained on. I am going to try and clarify this even further, but just wanted to post about it.