Will Tiger win his 2nd of 2005?

Note: This question has been added as a poll, so look in the lower right of your screen to vote. I would also like to redirect everyone to my Pinehurst Photo Collection I took back in March. I have some good pictures of Payne Stewart in there.

So you might be thinking, “Gee Bryan, what an original question, you wouldn’t think its been asked a hundred times before during this week of the U.S. Open”

Your right, but I am not trying to regurgitate news or questions that the media is asking, I just think its a legitimate question. If there is ANY player on tour right now capable of completing the grand slam, its Tiger Woods, plain and simple, and lets face it, technically, HE IS the only one in 2005 that can do it with his Masters win.

So Tiger is fighting a swing change that will probably plague him for the rest of 2005, but… he did well at Pinehurst in 1999 and his game hasn’t been poor this year. He has won multiple times (don’t call that a slump). I think Tiger has a legitimate chance at winning the U.S. Open. If he does, then I think we might as well flash back to 2000 and 2001 with his 4 Majors in a row, because he might actually do it this year. Lets see how his game pans on this weekend and whether he has the swing to get him through under pressure. We saw him briefly collapse at the Masters in the final holes, un-Tiger-esque.

Oh, and my father will be returning from Pinehurst today, and he has called and let me know he took roughly 200-300 photos. I will be sifting through those tonight and try and get some uploaded. Apparently, players like Tiger Woods were not out in the afternoon on Wednesday, maybe in the morning.