John Deere Classic and Michelle Wie

Well, Michelle Wie did not make the cut at the John Deer Classic this year. I have to admit, though, that she put up one hell of a fight.

I mean, lets be real. She is a 15 year old girl, who busts it 300 yards, and has the game to beat out many of the older male tour players. She has the ability to place 2nd and even lead LPGA events.

I have played the TPC at Deere Run. I played in the Missouri Valley Conference when I played at the University of Evansville and my last 3 years our Conference tournament was held at the TPC at Deere Run.

It is a VERY nice golf course. Surprisingly, its much harder then what the tour players make it seem. Several college players shot some under par rounds out there, but not 13 under after 36 holes. Thats crazy.

I can say this with a complete straight face, Michelle Wie would have absolutely kicked my ass if we went 1 on 1 on that golf course, no doubt. To shot -1 for 36 holes from the male tees on that golf course is superb. Again, I say this especially for a 15 year old.

My final round of my college career was a 74 at the TPC at Deere Run. Its a tight golf course that requires precise iron shots and accurate driving. We didn’t even play a lick of the difficulty those tour players probably had to go through.

My hat goes off to Michelle. I really wanted her to make the cut. A few bad holes cost her, but if she didn’t have the respect of the male tour in the past, she had better have it now.

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  1. Ben

    I agree with all of your comments, however I gave a slightly more cynical view on my blog :)

    She is a great golfer and for 15, she is kicking ass. She has a very birght future, but I don’t know that she’ll be the woman that breaks through on the PGA Tour as a consistent winner – a lot of people think she will.

  2. Bryan

    I agree with you on that part about her being a consistent winner. Hell, she has only won like 1 tournament. I do feel she needs to win some more junior stuff as well as ladies events before hopping onto the big bandwagon. I mean, I don’t blame her for playing in these big tournaments, if someone gives you the opportunity, then take it, but don’t set your sites on playing a TON of mens tournaments when you need to be competing at a lesser level for a while.

  3. Deron

    I was hoping she would make the cut as well. I am sure here within the next year or so though she will make the cut in a mens tourney. She was way to close to not acheive her goal. To only be 15 years old and play like that, that is amazing. Although I would like to think that if I had David Leadbetter and other teachers helping from the time I could walk that I would be that good too…? Either way, you can’t knock her play. I wouldn’t get into a skins game with her.

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