2005 British Open and Goodbye to Jack

Tommorow begins the first round of the 2005 British Open.

Time flies, especially since the U.S. Open. I have given up trying to predict who will win these tournaments. I always tend to say Tiger because he seems like an easy pick every tournament. A part of me thinks he will win this year becuase of his placements so far in the Masters and the U.S. Open. I think Sergio has a great chance and I always pull for John Daly. Through all the stuff John has been through, I respect him a whole lot.

Then, Jack Nicklaus is waving goodbye, hopefully it comes at the end of sunday and not on friday evening.

In the July 1 issue of Golf World Magazine, John Huggan talks about how the St. Andrews Community Council has decided to reject giving Jack Nicklaus an honorary citizenship of the Auld Grey Toon.

Here is the problem I have with St. Andrews as John Huggan also mentions.

Jack has won 2 of his British Opens at St. Andrews, he considers it his “favorite course in the world”, and its his very last time playing in a British Open.

So can you think of a reason to NOT give him an Honorary Citizenship? Sure, nobody has to really give anyone anything. And it certaintly wouldn’t be right if he ‘asked to be a citizenship. The point is, its the right thing to do.

John Huggn rights the following

No other golfer of any nationality plays the game with more of a true Scottish spirit than the man who paid his first visit here as long ago as 1959…

It will be a great British Open as we can see the greatest players in the world competing, but to watch the greatest player of all time make his final walk up the 18th fairway. Hopefully it will be Sunday.

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