The Buick Open

It’s time for the Buick Open again and with the Buick usually comes a birdie fest!

Vijay is last years champion but has not been playing his best as of late. The putter has been failing him. Jim Furyk seems to always play well at the Buick but as well all know Tiger will be in the field. After watching Tiger at the British Open its kinda hard not to believe he will clean house at the Buick, that is unless he’s making another swing change for the PGA Championship and just practicing with this new swing change at the Buick since its not a major.

What are your thought on the winner of this tournament? I think Tiger will win just becuase he is so dominating right now but if Vijay putts well then I think he will win simply because this year his ball striking has been better then anyone else, he just can’t putt! (I know that feeling all to well!) I also saw that Sean O’Hair was in the field too and I must say I like him!

I am going to go with Tiger on this one though. If he plays like he did at the Open then realistically he could win every tournament he plays in for the rest of the season.

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  1. Ben

    I think it’s Tiger’s tournament to lose. He will stay towards the front of the leaderboard on Thursday and Friday and jump to the final group on Saturday with a big round on Sunday for the win.

    Tiger plays his best when he’s against world class players and this field is full of great competitors. If he plays as well as he did in the British open and makes good decisions he’ll win.

    If Tiger isn’t playing well I wouldn’t mind watching John Daly have 4 good rounds. i’m not a fan of Vijay but he’s a great golfer and always competitive.

  2. Ben

    Well, after the first round I’d have to put my money on Vijay – he absolutely lit it up today. I think at one point they said he had 11 one puts in a row? Incredible. Looks like his putter is finally coming around.

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