Shorten your swing for consistency

Probably the one mistake many amateur golfers make is overswinging. In fact, its probably the #1 mistake for poor and missed shots.

One of the solutions is to try and take your swing back to the simple basics. This includes shortening your swing.

Right now, I am overswinging the golf club. My club is going past parallel (a sure sign of over swinging) and when this happens, many variables are affected.

1. Balance
2. Speed
3. Accuracy
4. Power
5. Trajectory

When you’re club moves past the parallel position (unless your John Daly), typically your weight transfer is shifted TOWARD your left foot to early. This allows you to come over the top, outside to in, dimish the clubface angle, pull/cut it, and lose power. Many golfers can get away with it, but typically, it’s a problem for most.


Try shortening your swing to a 3/4 position. Meaning, instead of taking it to parallel, try stopping your swing short of parallel.

A tip to accomplish this effectively is to stop your swing when your left shoulder touches your chin.

At this moment, you should prevent swinging the club back any further. With practice, you will get in a habit of keeping your swing shorter and tighter.

When this happens, your consistency, trajectory, swing control, and balance will all improve. You may hit the ball farther as well.

Remember, when your left shoulder makes contact with your chin, cease your backswing and begin your transition into your downswing.

Overswinging causes your swing to get loose, so when you shorten it, the swing can actually get ‘tighter’ which provides you more control.

Does it work for you?

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  1. Bill

    I can testify to the fact that this works. At first it is VERY difficult to force yourself to “stop short”. After some hours on the range it does become natural. Over the past 6 months I have been practicing JUST this and my handicap has gone from 10 to 6. What’s more important to me is that I can now play rounds on consecutive days where, probably because of age (46) and neglect, I could not do so before.

    Now, if I could only putt!

  2. Deron

    This is one thing I’m going to really start working on with my irons. My driver I’m not so much worried about just because its a longer club, but the irons I know I more or less come to parallel every shot not matter what iron I’m hitting. I stil hit the ball decent but I realize just by watching the TV with all the top tour players that this is the wrong move…it shouldn’t be comeing that far back. I guess in the back of my head I think I’ll be losing power but in reality I’ve got to get to trust it and know that I’ll probably gain some.

  3. Kevin

    Tried it yesterday and shot 78. I have a very long backswing and have been told I need to shorten up but have not found a swing thought or drill that worked. Focusing on the left shoulder touching the chin was simple enough that it worked. I still hit some off shots but I noticed my distance control was still good. Great tip! Thanks!

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