What’s up with Paula?

At the ADT LPGA Championships, Paula Creamer and Annika Sorenstam had words after a ruling when Annika hit one in the water hazard. I don’t know the who situation, be caught a little bit of the discussion on The Golf Channel. From the way the news anchors made it sound, it was if Paula Creamer was out of line in questioning Anika. Annika herself said in the interview after her round that she felt like Paula was questioning her integrity.

My question is, why does Paula not show more respect? I mean, does she not realize that Annika is the best woman golfer to play the game? I’m pretty sure she would not bend to rules to gain a few extra yards after hitting in a hazard. I can only imagine if someone like Sean O’hair had questioned a play like this and it was Tiger he was questioning. It’s good that Anika is pretty soft spoken. :)

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