Compare your Golf Swing

How often do you video tape yourself swinging a club and then run inside to view it on the television so you can give yourself a personal analysis? Though I am 24, I remember being 16 and video taping myself out in the driveway at 11:00 pm because I was concerned about something I was doing in my swing.

Call me goofy. Well, as technology has improved and analog video cameras have moved to digital cameras, it is much easier to upload your recent taken footage to your personal computer and view your swings there, put them on DVD’s, and more. Heck, if you wanted to make a music video all about your golf swing, your more then happy to….but that would be a little weird

How often, though, do you find yourself wishing you could compare swings from the past to your current swing. Remember that year you were on fire and everything went right. Well, now your swing isn’t the same and you can’t shoot the low rounds you once could.

I am not a professional, meaning I do not accept money for golf, but I am very analytical of my own golf swing. I would spend hours in front of a television reviewing different swings of mine and then trying to compare them to an older swing or a swing earlier in the day. Problem is, that required alot of rewinding and fastforwarding. Well, like I said, with the advancements in technology, one can take their swings onto a personal computer, even if the camera isn’t digital.

My Swing ComparisonsAs you can see from the photo on the right, I have used my video editing program to compare Behind Driver swings from 2002 and 2005. Here is the kicker with me. In 2002, I was en fuego (for all you non spanish folks, that means On Fire. That summer, I was a +2 handicap and fired 2 of my lowest rounds ever, a 64(8 under) and a 65 (6 under). Sure, pros can go out and fire those whenever, but for me, those were GREAT!. Well, lets flash forward to 2005. Things are not so great. Part of the reason is I don’t play as much, but I also fell into a bad habit of coming over the top in 2004 and have yet to get it 100% fixed. Its still bad in the photo on the right.

So Bryan, what are you getting at?.

Ok ok… Well, you could take several tapes to a video editing place and have it done. Not sure what it would cost, but I am sure it wouldn’t be cheap. You could also go to your local pro, and assuming they have the technology, use one of their golf analyzing systems. Again, this isn’t cheap. Up here in Indiana, using a system called the V1 Machine, which would allow you to view your swing and play it back, as well as compare yours to the swings of pro’s, would run you $150/hr.

Kinda steep, huh.

Well, I have the software on my computer to at least compare 2, 3, and even 4 swings at a time. Its a simple video editing software, but I happen to have the knowledge to take care of this.

Anyone who has a video editing system with certain capabilities can do it, but some people just don’t have the knowledge on how to.

Reason why I limit 4 is that you have to shrink each video clip to fit all 4 in a window, and if you go above 4, you are really going to cramp alot of stuff in the window.

View the below video (in WMV and MOV format) to see what I am refering to. I have taken my 2002 and 2005 golf swings and laid them on top of each other. With some tweaking here and there, I have been able to get their starting points to be very close. I can definitly see the differences in the swings by watching it multiple times.

Comparison Video (WMV)
Comparison Video (MOV)

There are many alternatives and angles you can work with.

Here is my proposal

If you have digital video clips (max 4) of your golf swing, and they have been edited to a respectable file size, you can send them to me and for $25, I will patch them into a single video file so you can compare the swings.

Remember, if you send me poor quality footage, I can’t enhance it, so your final product will probably be poor quality as well, especially if I try to increase the window size of the video.

For $60, you can send me your actual video tape(s) containing the swings you want compared, and I will convert it into digital format and patch the swings together into one video window.

The increase in price is due to the fact that it takes time to convert a non digital tape (8mm and VHS) to a digital format, so there is more work placed on me. That is why I charge $25 for digital copies, because the work is much easier.

$25 – Send me your formatted digital video clips, and I will patch them into one video file which will be sent back to you. Maximum of 2 sets of clips.

$60 – Send me copies of your swings in VHS or HI 8MM formats, and I will convert them into digital format, patch them into one video file, and upon your request, either send you the video file via the internet, or put them back onto the VHS or HI 8MM tape and send it back to you

In the case that you want a downloadable movie file, I will provide you with a link to download it at, as it will be a fairly large video file.

I can only accept VHS and HI 8mm tapes. If you have a digital tape (MINI DV), you can send that as well.

If possible, I would recommend NOT sending me the originals. Make copies to send to me as I do not want to be responsible for any damage an original tape might incur in my hands.

Upon completion on my part, I would then send you a link to download your updated video file, unless you specify you want it on VHS or HI 8MM.

Email me at so we can communicate your wishes in regards to doing the Video Comparisons. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at that address OR use our contact form.

I want to make clear that I will provide NO ANALYSIS of your golf swing. I will simply handle the technical aspects of getting the videos to be compared.

In both cases, the final product will contain a maximum of 2 sets of swings.

For example, if you send me 4 video clips. 2 of your swing from behind, and 2 of your swing from the side, then you would see both sets in comparison mode, which may result in 2 final movie clips (one for each) that will be sent back to you.