Some Media doesn’t understand golf

Tiger Woods Nike Golf BallIs it just me, or does the wording next to this image from a USA Today Money article regarding Nike’s possible marketing attempt with Tiger’s 16th hole chip in look strange.

Look closely.

See it yet? Ok, if not, I will clue you in.

A putt by Tiger Woods at The Masters

Now, I realize its not a big deal, but out of the millions of people who watched it on television, out of the millions who have seen it online, you would think one could tell the difference between a PUTT and a CHIP

Maybe I was watching the wrong tournament. Maybe there was some guy who looked like Tiger Woods playing in another tournament called the Masters who putted a ball on a 16th hole that happened to follow the same path that some of us saw on Sunday. The guy obviously was playing a Nike Ball to.

I am sure the guy posting that article was not a golf fan nor played golf, so I am sure he didn’t realize his mistake, but everyone who wasn’t living under a rock on sunday knows that Tiger CHIPPED the ball into the hole, not putted.

I just find it unfortunate when facts get goofed up in articles. I know it happens and its no big deal in the long run of things, but I wanted to bring it up.