Tiger as dominating as he used to be?

As everyone knows…or should know Tiger Woods just won his fourth green jacket. If you don’t know then you’re living a sheltered life! Tiger beat out Chris DiMarco in a playoff to win his fourth Masters, but he didn’t dominate the field like we all expect him to week after week.

Fred Funk, one of Tigers buddies had this to say as he practiced for the MCI Heritage: “I don’t see Tiger dominating like he did, I really don’t.” (credit: The Golf Channel) I agree with Fred. I don’t really think that the other golfers on tour are afraid of Tiger like they used to be three years or so ago. There used to be this thing about Tiger that when he stepped onto the course, you knew he was going to win and so did everyone on tour, it was almost a given. Now, even though he did win the Masters, Chris DiMarco gave him all he could ever want and then some. Most people expected him to just give up when Tiger made his run.

I just don’t see Tiger every getting back to where he used to be in the 2001 season. To me he doesn’t have “that look” and no one else in the field has “that look” of fear.

What do you think?