Slow Play

We have all been there before. The victim of slow play! Although it is not a written rule, I consider it to be an unwritten rule. If you are playing slow, let others that are playing faster play through please!

Yesterday as me and two of my buddies are paying for out golf at Gibson Bay. A golf course located in Richmond, KY, we notice a family of 4 on the practice green. Looked like a Dad, Mom, and two girls in their teens. From simply observing them on the practice green, I knew that it could be a long round if we got behind them. Sure enough, we pay for our golf and the guy in the clubhouse lets us know we’re behind the group of 4 on the practice green. I tried to keep an open mind, but I just knew what was coming. It was going to be a long day, because I knew they were beginners and I knew they probably didn’t realize some common golf etiquette. Anyway, our tee time was at 12:30 in the afternoon. We finally get off the first tee at around 12:40ish after watching the group ahead of us each hit in know 10 or more shots. Finally we come around to the forth tee box and notice that the time is now almost 2:00. So we’ve now played three holes of golf in an hour and twenty minutes. By this time, the guys in my group as well as myself are getting upset. We are waiting at every tee box for a good 10 minutes and observing the group a head of us take 5 swings each just to advance the ball 40 yards. Finally to make a very long story short a ranger shows up and notices that there is now a good 4 holes open in front of the group which is in front of us. He goes and tells the group to please let us play through when we come up behind. Ended up getting the round completed in just over 5 hours.

I’m am totally for anyone and everyone learning the game of golf. I love golf and I would never tell someone to not come to the course and play, because we all have to start somewhere and I’m well aware that I once couldn’t break 100. The only thing I am pointing out is to at least have some common courtesy toward other players and know when to let someone else play through. If you are just beginning playing golf a good place to get started is the driving range or a par 3 nine-hole course, not a 7200 yard championship course.