New parents, get a flexible set of clubs

As a proud new father of a baby boy I am eagerly looking forward to introducing my son to golf. I will not be the type of parent who forces his child into doing an activity if there is no “want” or “excitement” from the other side. However, I plan on introducing golf to my son Cruz at a very early age (hmmm…he is 14 days old now, maybe I should wait till week 4 :) )

I am 25, and my father’s era as well as mine had to deal with children’s clubs a little differently than what children have at their finger tips today.

When I was 7, I started with some plastic golf clubs probably from Toys R’ Us. However, as I grew, my father wanted to push me into some longer clubs and using real equipment.

This real equipment consisted of a real golf ball and real clubs, except the clubs were merely “cut” down to work with my size. Sounds kosher doesn’t it? Wrong.

Why is this a bad thing? Try taking a 2 1/2 foot steel rod and cutting it down to 1 1/2 feet give or take, than sticking a grip and clubhead on. Growing up and playing in the woods, kids build an understanding that the shorter a stick gets, the harder it is to break in half. Why? Because the shorter the stick the less flex it has.

As adults, we have to deal with buying golf clubs with a myriad of different flex’s from stiff, extra stiff, regular, etc…

Giving a cut down golf club to a 5 year old, in terms of flex, is equivalent to asking an adult to swing a 4 foot lead pipe. It just isn’t going to give at all.

Luckily, technology has been at our side al these years. Parents now have the ability to buy flexible shafts for their children who are just now learning the game.


Teaching a child at a young age the proper mechanics of the golf swing is extremely important for their learning and physical development. Swinging a cut down stiff golf club just promotes poor swing habits that can take years to get rid of. By providing children with flexible golf clubs, you allow their body, arms, and eye/hand coordination to development at a smooth rate and allow for proper ball striking to exist. It also teaches them how to control their shots more accurately, something a cut down golf club just can’t provide.

I plan on purchasing, more as a memento, My Baby’s First Golf Club.

However, as he grows and watches me from his high chair :) (thanks for the tip Earl Woods), I will purchase him one of the many childrens golf club sets available on the market today.

So parents, or new parents, look into buying your son/daughter a nice set of kids golf clubs to begin teaching them the proper fundamentals of golf. It’s amazing what someone can do, old or young, with the right equipment in their hands.

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