Stick with one or two golf teachers

The one problem I personally had growing up was getting advice and input from TOO many people and teachers. This had benefits and disadvantages, but playing golf as a kid and moving into my teenage years allowed me to develop some poor swing habits simply because I was taught different things by different people.

I only had 1 Head pro that gave me golf lessons, and the other teachers throughout my childhood were assistant pros. I probably had lessons from 6-7 different people. At a young age, all you want is simplicity, not confusion. I would be learning one skill and the assistant pro would leave his station or move onto another job and I would have to start up with someone else. So then once I started up with a new teacher, that previous skill I was learning was not carried over and I was started onto something new.

Because of my age, I never really questioned my teachers and merely did what they told me to do.

As I said, it had it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: I learned to do certain things in my golf swing and shot making on the course that I may not have been able to if I had kept things “simple”.

Disadvantages: Sometimes these “shot making skills” I had would not be consistent and I would pray for some simplicity to my game. Ask anyone I played golf with, I THOUGHT TOO MUCH!

I was constantly analyzing my swing (still do to this day). If I had stuck with 1 or 2 teachers, I am sure my game would be much more consistent because I would adhere more to a certain style of playing or a certain swing in general.

If are you just taking up golf or plan on introducing your children to the game, please take my advice and try and stick them to a certain teacher or plan. Do not bounce them around from teacher to teacher.

My father did not happen to have the golf skills and knowledge to pass on to me growing up that would affect the physical part of my game, so that is why I was given to teacher after teacher. Fortunately, I possess the physical and mental aspects of the game that I can now pass onto my son as he grows up. Sure, I will probably hire somebody to give him thorough lessons, but I think I can manage a considerable amount of the learning process for him as he grows.

Golf is a complicated sport, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep the fundamentals simple, and your game will improve.

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  1. Bryan

    Hey Trent and Dave…man been a while.

    I think even listening to the likes of you and Jason wouldn’t have remotely gotten me close to the player Overton is. I just found out he got his tour card for 2006…so I am a little behind the times.

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