Looking for guest writers

As you can tell from the title, I am looking for healthy minds who want to add content to Major Championships. Currently there are 2 writers, myself and Deron Sizemore. As you can tell, this site isn’t always flourishing with new postings/content which is where you come in.

I think we have a great website, great domain, and a great opportunity to expand on a golf blog. I am currently working on a redesign for this website as my goal is to consolidate some of the stuff, reorganize the categories, and make the site easier to use.

In my opinion, this site lacks organization and that was my fault from the beginning. I want to incorporate more writers into the site now.

Here is the kicker: Are you willing to do it for free?.

I will be brutally honest, this website does not make much money. I probably make enough to cover my hosting (for the year) and a small dinner for my wife and I. [IF] this site begins making more money, then I will be able to fork out a small % for each writer.

Something I would definitly be willing to allow is the writer to promote a product for their own financial benefit, such as talking about a product and linking to the Amazon product with their affiliate ID so they can get the commission. This would work with just about any affiliate program.

What I would NOT want are postings soley for the purpose of promoting a product just to make money. Making money is secondary to providing quality content for the reader.

So, if you are a golf nut like myself and you have a knack for writing, then consider writing for Major Championships. Our goal is to grow this site into a great golf blog and great golf resource.

We have been partnered up with 9rules.com for quite some time, I would love to find other avenues that we can expand into or get some exposure.

Contact Us if you are interested in writing for Major Championships