2006 Accenture Match Play Championships

The Accenture Match Play Championships has always been a fun tournament to watch because:

1. I truly enjoy match play style
2. It’s a tournament holding the best players

Who do you expect to win this year?

David Toms was the 2005 champion but ranks as the 8th seed in this years championship.

Tiger Woods, to no surprise, is holding onto the #1 seed with Graeme McDowell in last at the 64th seed.

With Tiger Woods holding 2 victories this season, both in playoffs, it is natural to assume he might pull of another victory (he won this event in 2003 and 2004).

However he did not play very solid at last weeks Nissan Open and his previous 2 victories were not with his “A” game, let alone a “b-” game.

I would love to see Tiger win, but my gut feeling is telling me it will be Phil Mickelson. I also wouldn’t mind seeing John Daly take a victory, but that is because I just like the guy.

Who do you think will be crowned match play champion in 2006?

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  1. Deron

    I don’t know about lefty…he’s not played real well at all the last few weeks. Seems like since he changed to the 48” driver he’s been all over the place. Maybe he can pull it together and get a win.

    I’d love to see Daly win, just because he’s big John! What a guy!

    My gut feeling is that Tiger will no doubt win…I’d like to win also just to make it 3-4 to start the year. What a great start.

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