Tiger to Ames: 9 and 8 buddy

If your plan is to defeat a player during match play, let alone the #1 player in the world and one who has an INCREDIBLE match play resume on the books, you probably don’t want to make comments that would “fuel the fire” so to speak. Stephan Ames apparently skipped the class “Tiger 101” in college on the specific day the instructor spoke of using ammo against Tiger Woods. If you piss him off, you will get burned. Plain and simple.

Stephan Ames did just that on monday speaking to the Associated Press with the following comment

“Anything can happen, especially where he’s hitting the ball.”

Apparently he said this with a smile and I think most people would take it in good fun…except well….Tiger Woods. He will take ammo used at him to fuel his passion to win, and if you get in his way…well just ask Stephan Ames what the outcome of their match was.

9 & 8

Ouch! I believe that is Tiger’s 2nd best match play record, but don’t quote me on that.

I would like to see what his score would be in a major if someone cracks a joke about his wife. Yikes.

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