Tiger Woods – 60 Minutes Interview

For those that tend to keep up with Tiger Woods, he did an interview with 60 Minutes’ Ed Bradley that aired several nights ago.

If you are like me, you might have missed it, but wanted to watch it.

Tiger talks about many different issues, some that you already know if you are a loyal Tiger follower. It’s always great to listen and watch him, though, because these interview scenarios are so rare with him and Tiger is so private, you can’t help but listen and get sucked into the conversation.

Because I missed the 60 minutes special, I was searching the internet for a copy of the video. Aside from the yahoo link above, I was able to find the next best thing, a downloadable MP3 of the whole interview.

Download the Tiger Woods 60 Minutes Interview here

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  1. Dr. William Rogers

    Tiger is not only the greatest golf player that I have seen; he is the most well-mannered, respectful, and intelligent human beings that ever existed. Of equal importance is his charisma. Note how the TV ratings go up when he plays and go down when he is not playing. He has no equals and will eventually brake all remaining records that he has not broken already.

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