The Masters – 2006

Masters FlagSo in 2 days, one of the most watched golf events takes place. That’s right, the 2006 Masters Golf Tournament begins on thursday.

There are a lot of solid players this season, especially Phil Mickelson with his incredible 13 shot victory and -28 score at the Bellsouth Classic this last week. He is certaintly in the zone and will attempt to win his 2nd Masters Jacket come sunday.

You can’t skip the obvious, Tiger Woods. I mean, this man is going for his 5th Green Jacket and hopefully will successfully defend his title after winning in a playoff last year. Hopefully his incredible chip in is still fresh in the minds of viewers come thursday.

Tiger Woods Chips in

A stat I find incredible IF Tiger pulls off a 5th Masters victory is this:

This is Tiger’s 10th year on tour. Winning the 2006 Masters will give him 5 green jackets, as I have repeated again and again above. Lets do some simple math.

5 green jackets in 10 years. That is a nice 50% ratio. That is incredible!

However, with the health of Earl Woods, Tiger “may” miss this years Masters. Our hearts and prayers are with the Woods family and we hope that Tiger’s father begins to get his health back.

Hootie Johnson has definitly not been making friends with old and new players. He continues to lengthen the golf course, changing how its always been, simply because he wants to keep up with the advancements in technology. Right! How about this hypothesis:

Tiger Woods has won this event 4 times in 9 years, 1 time absolutely destroying the golf course and the competition, breaking records, etc…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Hootie wants the course Tiger Proofed, but all he is truly doing is hurting everyone else.

Doesn’t he get it? Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer this decade has ever seen. He pulls shots off that nobody else can. There is nothing he can’t do on a golf course, and Hootie actually thinks that by changing the golf course, he is making the competition “neutral”?

All he is doing is making it so longer players can have a chance and the likes of Mike Weir (yes I know he won a few years back) have even a more difficult time to compete.

Keeping the course short brings MORE players into being competitive. Even Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus are upset with the changes. It’s not the same course that it used to be. It went for 30 some odd years (give or take) without a single change, but right after Tiger destroyed the golf course in 1997, that is when the course got renovated.

I would love to see someone other than a big name walk away with the trophy on sunday. Maybe even Rich Beem could pull off a 2nd major.

I look forward to the 2006 Masters, as usual, since its one of the greatest sporting evenings in history.

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