New design coming…

Just wanted to give all our readers a heads up, a new design is on it’s way for Major Championships.

This site has BADLY needed to get re-organized as my intentions for the current structure (High School Golf, College, and Major Championships) has not really been a fluid process and I pretty much lost my focus on doing that. So, the new site will be better organized, easier to use, be more vibrant (in color and contrast), and hopefully a can arrange for more guest writers so there is more daily content flowing. I have attached a screenshot of the new design (still in progress) to give you all a taste for what is coming. Some will love it and some will hate it, but hopefully we don’t lose any readers over it. The site will have 2 style options. A “heavy” version which consist of all the graphics, colors, etc… and a “light” version for those on a slower internet connection. The site also will be much wider then what we currently utilize. Technology has advanced and those on an 800 x 600 screen resolution have diminished.

Major Championships Redesign

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