Moron predicts Tiger has cashed last check

Ok, so that title was a little harsh. I was standing in line at the post office today when I hear an older gentleman (probably around 60 years old) talking to a woman who says she was sending golf balls. The conversation went something like this:


Olderman: “….[something…yada yada GOLF]

Woman: “Yea, I am sending some golf balls”

Olderman: “Ah, what kind, Titleist?”

Woman: “No, Nike. My clients are close personal friends with Tiger Woods”

Olderman: “Oh…well that’s nice. Tiger is done. He has cashed his last check…it’s ALL Phil now”

ME: “[verbally make a HUH noise]”. “There is no way”.

Olderman: [Kinda glances up at me but doesn’t say anything]

ME: [Completed order and walked away.]


I wanted to say something to the extent of, “Are you an idiot?” He is obviously smart enough about golf to make a comment the way he did, but to say Tiger Woods has cashed his last check and that it’s Phil Mickelson’s show is absolutely crazy. Tiger has been on tour for 10 years now and has 10 majors with 48 tournament wins. Phil has been on tour now for 14 years, has 3 majors with 29 tournament wins.

Tiger is 30 years old. Phil is 36 years old. Tiger is in great shape. Phil appears to not be in as great of shape as Tiger.

To say Tiger is done and Phil has the show is downright rediculous.

Oh, and why would a woman in Indiana be sending golf balls to clients who are close personal friends with Tiger Woods?

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