Michelle Wie gives to charity

For being 16 years old, just turning pro, playing with the men in PGA Tour events, going to school, dealing with the media, and trying to handle your typical everyday stresses, I was quite impressed to learn that Michelle Wie has donated nearly $800,000 of her own money to charity.

First, she donated $500,000 to the Hurricane Katrina Fund right after turning pro, and has now donated $300,000 to the Yonsei University Severance Hospital and Korea University Medical Center for children whose families cannot afford their delicate surgeries. The reason I am impressed is because you hand a 16 year old (boy or girl) millions of dollars, I am sure the last thing on their mind is charity.

Though Tiger is often referred to as a cheap skate by close buddies Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, he has given more to charity then most individual athletes, especially his most recent endeavor, the Tiger Woods Learning Center. I have a feeling this is the impact we will see out of Michelle Wie assuming her talent continues to grow and she becomes the dominant force on the LPGA tour everyone believes she can.

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