The basics of flexibility training

The website has a great article about flexibility training.

I highly recommend taking a look at the article as it can be beneficial to any golfer of any age/skill set.

I have posted a few excerpts.

he goal of flexibility exercises is to stretch (elongate) muscles that are tight (shortened). The easiest way to picture this is imagining a rubber band when we talk about flexibility exercises, muscles, tendons, and ligament tissue. These tissues are very much like rubber bands in terms of behavior and how they function. They have a very elastic-like behavior. If you stretch a rubber band, it goes back to normal when you let go and muscles and connective tissue are very much the same way. When you stretch a muscle — again, picture that rubber band — the muscle or connected tissue elongates. Once you stop stretching, those muscles and connective tissues return to the length they were previously, just like a rubber band.

In order to get the maximum benefit from flexibility exercises and stretching muscles that are tight, we have to be consistent with our training and flexibility exercises. We know muscles and connective tissues will return to their original position after the stretch is completed. The great thing about flexibility exercises is if they are done over time, the muscles will elongate providing more flexibility. The simple way to think of this is, again, picturing the rubber band. The more your stretch it out, the looser the rubber band (or in this case, the muscles) gets.

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