Tiger wins Buick…wins 50th

As many of the announcers have said, Tiger is striking the golf ball better now then he probably ever has. Tiger won the Buick Open with a victory of 3 shots and also captured his 50th win on tour. Not only is it impressive he won #50 by the age of 30, but he did so 3 years faster then Jack Nicklaus, who won his 50th at the age of 33.

I think his chances of winning the PGA Championship just went up a little :)

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Other features

Change angles for a second, I am thinking of implementing a few things with this site and wouldn’t mind getting some feedback. Here are some items I would like to do:

  • TOW (Tip of the Week)
  • HSOW (Horror Story of the Week) – the premise behind this is to highlight a golf story someone has submitted to Major Championships that could be about a myriad of things like…ruining a lead in a tournament, getting attacked by fire ants on the golf course, hitting another player with a ball, or any strange even that has happened to you while on a golf course
  • A friday highlight of the weeks golf links from various sites
  • VOW (Video of the week)

Just thought I would pick all of your brains on implementing all, some, or none of those :)

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