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First, Chad brought up a good point yesterday on how I titled the video. I called it “Drunk Guys Golfing”. Truth is, I don’t know if they were drunk, however I did receive the video in an email and the email happened to spread the notion they were drunk. I would imagine in order to his a golf ball off a tee, with a driver, that happens to be sitting in some guys mouth, you are probably high, drunk, or possibly even crazy. Heck, maybe the guy just happens to be a PGA Tour player who could win the upcoming PGA Championship. You never know…

Michelle Wie has fired her Caddie

According to a story on Golf.com, Michelle Wie fired her caddie after the Women’s British Open. Oh, wait, sorry, I need to revise that. Her Agent had a nice dinner with her caddie the night the British Open ended, and then the next morning told him he was canned.

Look…I don’t know the inner workings of Michelle Wie’s entourage, heck I have no clue what kind of relationship she has with her caddie…but the issue I have is that she didn’t talk with the caddie herself. Both Michelle and her father could have tag teamed it together, but it’a always better to handle a situation like that face to face rather then sending your attack dogs for you.

Greg Johnston had this to say:

“I was shocked and surprised, I was disappointed I didn’t hear from them.”

Not cool Michelle, not cool.

The International begins

I won’t lie, I rarely ever watch this tournament. I know Rich Beem went on to win it with some fantastic closing holes in 2002 and followed that up with a great win over Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship.

Thanks to The Golf Blog which happened to be in my google search results when looking for the International Points System.

+8= double eagle
+5 = eagles
+2 = birdies
0 = pars
-1 = bogeys
-3 = double bogeys or higher

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