Friday Link Binge

It is time to give props to all the other golf blogs that are currently on my link list. If you want to have your site added to my list, contact me with your details. Just try and follow the same format that you see in my current list.

All of my Golf Blogs I have linked to

  • Bogey Lounge
    Bogey Lounge is dedicated to providing a guilt-free hangout for golf lovers of all ages, shapes, and sizes… Thanks for visiting, we look forward to sharing ideas and comments with you.
  • Bunker Mulligan
    A simple golf blog discussing, well, golf.
  • Directory Golf
    A great directory of Golf links.
  • Directory Sports
    A good Sports Directory
  • Eat Golf
    Eat Golf sounds like what this guy really does. He eats, sleeps, and drinks golf :) Its a site that is content and resources heavy and will have you reading stuff for hours. Take a look as you won't be disappointed.
  • Golf Balls 101
    Offers ratings, reviews and suggested prices for all the major balls produced by the leading golf ball manufacturers.
  • Golf Blogger
    Within the pages of this site, you will find links and information on practically everything golf: golf news, history, books, golf equipment reviews, golf gear, the latest golf gadgets, swing tips, clubmaking, golf course reviews and more.
  • Golf Bytes Link Directory
    Golf Link Site for Golf Travel and Golf gifts. This ia great golf resource site that has an e-store as well as golf guides and interactive tools.
  • Golf Instruction
    The web's golf school online – featuring golf lessons, schools locator and golf tips fromThe web's golf school online – featuring golf lessons, schools locator and golf tips from swinging shots to fitness advisories. swinging shots to fitness advisories.
  • Golf Rewind Forums
    Golf Rewind is a great golf forum. They have alot of members and a great atmosphere. I recommend this forum to anyone who enjoys the game of golf and talking about it. My username on the forum is: majorchamp
  • Golfers Delight
    Based in Berlin, Germany, I started playing golf in 2003. My addiction to the game lead to the start of this blog. Despite living in Germany, I decided to write Golfers Delight in english, so that everybody can enjoy and participate.
  • Grouchy Golf Blog
    Irreverent Golf Observations – A Golf Blog Updated Weekly (because I can''t think of enough golf-related topics to post more frequently!). A Golf Blog not afraid to opine or offend. Just a Golf Blog among Golf Blogs.
  • Hooked On Golf
    This guy is hooked on golf! Well, aren''t we all? A good blog and a good read.
  • Insta Marv
    Tiger Sightings, Photos & Tidbits
  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
    This is a nice blog that focuses on the media''s coverage of golf, in a funny manner. Its a humorous blog and I recommend reading it.
  • Perform Better Golf
    All about golf training and achieving optimal golf performance.
  • Red Goats Golf Galleries
    This is a GREAT resource for viewing tour players golf swings in sequence. You could spend hours just analyzing the tour players swings. Visit his site and view his other useful information.
  • Sorta Golf
    Simply put, SortaGolf applies much needed amendments to the USGA Rules Of Golf that allow recreational golfers to play more satisfying golf while maintaining the competitive integrity and essential essence of the game. The way the game was originally mean
  • The British Open
    One of the four Major Championships.
  • The Deep Rough
    Welcome to The Deep Rough. This is my attempt to keep a diary of my golf experiences, on the course, at the range, and while trying to learn at home. I’ve been playing golf on and off throughout my life, but really started to fall in love with the sport
  • The Golf Blog
    Lets face it, you can't get a much better blog name then The Golf Blog. Not only is it a great name, but its a great golf blog. There are 4 contributors and they are always talking about something interesting with golf, mostly about golf coverage.
  • The Golf Channel
    Everyone who loves golf knows of The Golf Channel. Its a great tv program as well as a very informative website.
  • The Masters
    One of the greatest golf tournaments of all time. One of the four Major Championships.

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