Story: My two best rounds

To date, my two best rounds of golf were a 64 (8 under) and a 65 (6 under). The 8 under round was shot at Pebble Brook Golf Course on their south course. I was playing in a sunday get-together with 6 other guys (2 groups of course) and started the day with 4 straight birdies. I managed to make 1 more birdie and a bogey on the front side for a solid 32.

I then proceeded to grab a few more birdies in the beginning set of holes on the back nine, grabbed another bogey, and then finished strong with one last birdie. Final score 64 with 2 bogeys.

Round #2

What I would consider my best round of golf occured a golf course called Harbour Trees which has a higher course rating then Pebble Brooke.

I actually started the front nine off fairly slow, and when I walked off #9, I was 2 under par (33). I did not have anything special happening with my game for the first 4 holes, but then I proceeded to birdie my last 5 holes, which was awesome and something I have yet to repeat.

33 + 32 = 65. The 65 was also with 3 bogeys, which would have tied the course record I believe had I not gotten 3 bogeys.

Those are 2 of my most memorable rounds I have played to date.

Do you have a cool golf story, let me know and I will post it

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