Guest authors wanted…Live Blogging from the PGA Championship

Major Championships is looking for fellow golf enthusiests who would like to blog for us. Ideally, this is someone who loves golf so much they just have to write about it, but they haven’t created their own blog or don’t have the time to start their own blog. Well, now you can have your own identity on Major Championships.

Various Areas of Interest

A couple areas we lack right now are articles and postings that target specific segments of golf, like the LPGA, College, or even the Mini Tours. It would be great to gain some authors that specifically can write blog postings for those golf arenas.

So if you follow a particular area of golf religiously, you could be a prime author for Major Championships.

Please, Contact us if you are interested in being a guest author for Major Championships.

Live Blogging from the PGA Championship

Guest Bloggers are wanted!Unfortunetly, I often do not get to attend the Major Championships of golf. What would be a nice feature of this blog is if there were some fellow golf enthusiests who DO attend the Majors and would be willing to do nightly postings after each round, or if you only attend 1 round, do a summary of it that night. Practice rounds would be a great place if you could take photos, and you could upload them to our gallery.

The PGA Championship begins next thursday, and we think this would be a perfect time to implement Live blogging of the event. Yes, you can’t do live blogging “technically” because they would take away your cell phone or laptop :), but after the round is over, you can summarize the days events from your hotel room.

We really want to focus on getting diversified content about various golf related areas on this blog, and I am reaching out to you, my fellow golfers, to help out.

So if you have a strong interest in getting your thoughts/opinions/coverage of golf related things out into the public, you would be perfect.

Contact us and let us know if you are interested.