Start of the 88th PGA Championship

It is Thursday, August 17th, 2006 and today is the start of the 88th PGA Championship.

First and Foremost, AOL Sports, for the 2nd time, is linking to Major Championships. So in turn, I will send a little link love back, except I am sure they don’t care too much about the handful of visitors they get from my site.

The hot story at the moment is the most obvious. Phil Mickelson (defending Champion) and Tiger Woods (who just won the British Open and Buick Open). These two will be paired together for the first 2 days. Oh wait, I forgot, there is a guy in the middle. Geoff Ogilvy. He needs some media love too, right? Geoff Ogilvy won the U.S. Open months ago, but you don’t hear too much about that or him. It should be an interesting 2 days at Medinah.

Oh, and Phil Mickelson and Tiger don’t like each other too much, so we will see how that goes.

Live Video at AOL Sports

AOL Sports is hosting live online video of the PGA Championship, so you can View the Live video here

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Other News

I have my club championship this weekend. Having hit golf balls 1 time in 2 months, this should make for an interesting 54 holes. However, I must say, when I did hit balls that 1 time, which happened to be 4 nights ago at a night range, I hit them pretty good.

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  1. David

    Good luck in your Club Championship! I have shot four straight rounds in the 70’s (and I’m a 6.1!!!) and my Club Championship is August 26-27th.

    And I’m really looking forward to watching the Woods/Mickelson/Ogilvy pairing!!

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