In my personal opinion, I think Tiger Wood’s 2006 PGA Championship performance was the best we have seen from him to date. It may be comparable to his U.S. Open win at Pebble Beach, but I think we are seeing an even more powerful and confident Tiger then ever. The quality of his game over the last 3 touraments (in which he also won) has been nothing short of steller. Though Medinah played as one of the easiest PGA Championships to date, he still showed his playing competitors that they need to eat their wheaties in order to keep up with him.

By far one of the most impressive shots I saw (on TV) was his shot on the 250 yard par 3 in which he pured a 3-iron and stuck it to 8 feet.

Damn impressive!

What does it take to beat Tiger? Jonathan over at The Sand Trap seems to think he knows the solution.

In summary:

  • Play without Fear
  • Avoid big numbers
  • Pray

Tiger carded only 3 bogeys for the entire tournament. When a god man can play 72 holes while carding an -18 under finish, its going to take more then fear, big numbers, and praying to beat him. It’s going to take perfection.

A “so so” round for Tiger is literally a damn good round for Tiger’s competitors. Remember back after Tiger won the Masters in 1997, his father was quotes as saying something along the lines of “you haven’t seen his A-game yet”.

To be completely honest, I don’t even think his performance in this tournament was his A-game. Maybe more like B+ or A-, but whatever is was, it was damn good and exciting to watch.

I think as an overall package, this was by far one of Tiger’s greatest performances in a Major Championship.

Club Championship News

Ok, so if you are a gambling man, you would have lost your money if you took my thoughts on golf for the PGA Championship and the Club Championship.

1. Tiger got 18 under, not 19 like I thought.
2. I didn’t shoot 69, I shot 78.

I will say this, I struck the ball better today then I have in 3 years. I figured a few things out in my swing and I was making solid contact on many of my clubs. My first 4 holes, I had birdie putts within 8 feet. I missed them all. I got stuck with a double bogey on the 5th. On the 7th, I missed a 5 footer for birdie. I birdied the 11th, missed a 15 footer for birdie on 13, and then came #14.

Let me tell you something about 14, it is my nemisis. Whenever I come to the hole, I have one direction I can hit the golf ball. Right. Not just right, out of bounds right. I blasted my only 2 bad drives of the day on this hole into someones backyard. Add a missed green and a 3 putt, and you have a 10.

So by this time, I am 8 over for the day. Ugh.

I played the last 2 holes and birdied them both.

I hate to play the the shoulda woulda coulda game, but if you remove my 2 big numbers (a 10 and a 5 (par 3)), and you give me the birdies on the holes I was within 8 feet for, I shoot 64 (7 under).

Obviously that isn’t realistic thinking, but hey, a man can dream, right?

I beat the shit out of the par 5’s though. All 3 were down wind, all 3 play over 520 yards.

#2 – Driver + 5 iron (left side of green) = 3 putt :)
#11 – Driver + 5 iron (fringe on the back) = 2 putt
#17 – Driver + 6 iron (rough over the green) = 2 putt

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  1. Vincent Oddo

    Im looking for a list of tigers 12 major championships. as well as the locations. I’m a sports collector and i want a souvenier from each of his 12 majors. pls help..Thanks Vince

  2. Tony Bradley

    Tiger’s 12 Majors, in order:
    1997 Masters (Augusta National)
    1999 US PGA (Medinah No. 3)
    2000 US Open (Pebble Beach)
    2000 Open Championship (St. Andrew’s Old Course)
    2000 US PGA (Valhalla)
    2001 Masters
    2002 Masters
    2002 US Open (Beth Page – Black)
    2005 Masters
    2005 Open Championship (St. Andrew’s Old Course)
    2006 Open Championship (Royal Liverpool, Hoylake)
    2006 US PGA (Medinah No. 3)

    Interestingly, his 12 Majors have come at only 7 different courses!
    Hope this helps,

  3. Tony Bradley

    Major Wins 12 18
    Major Runner-Ups 2 19
    Major Top 10’s 24 73

    So Tiger still has a ways to go longevity-wise, however his achievements to date are well on track (he’s 30 yrs 8 mths!).

    OTHER GREATS OF THE OPEN ERA (Name, followed by Major wins, Major Runner-Ups, and total Major Top 10’s — listed in order of total Major Top 10’s):

    Player (9, 6, 44) Watson (7, 8, 44) Palmer (7, 10, 38) Norman (2, 8, 29) Floyd (4, 5, 28)Crenshaw (2, 5, 27) Faldo (6, 3, 26) Mickelson (3, 5, 25) Els (3, 6, 24) Casper (3, 4, 24) Trevino (6, 2, 22) Singh (3, 1, 22) Price (3, 2, 21) Ballesteros (5, 3, 20)

  4. Jam-Boy

    He is amazing. After watching his reaction in this years’ British Open, I am now a Tiger Woods fan.

    If you happened to catch any of the WGC, the first playoff hole…that up and down he made from the tall grass over the green on 18 was absolutely phenomenal.

    Hope all is well Bryan.

  5. Deron

    I’ve always been a fan of Tiger and to watch some of the things he’s doing right now is just amazing. I used to hear a lot of people saying that they didn’t like Tiger for whatever reason, but I just think there is something wrong with you if you don’t like him. How can you not like history in the making?

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