Year of the Tiger – Woods captures POY, AOY, SOY – celebrates pregnancy

Tiger WoodsRemove the loss of a father, and you have what Tiger Woods would probably consider his best year on tour to date.

To recap a few highlights of his year:

In Tiger words, given the loss of his father, even with all the accomplishments listed above he considers 2006 a loss. Losing someone you love trumps all.

Tiger has pulled out of the Mercedes Championship which takes place in early January and kicks off the 2007 season. I hope to see Tiger compete in more then 15 tournaments in 2007. It’s always interesting to see his fellow competitors playing often 20 + tournaments, yet he still dominates in wins and leads the money list.

Hypothetical Poll

Short question

Does Tiger stay or walk if he is leading the U.S. Open on the back nine when he gets word his wife is going into labor?

Long rationale

My cousin and I got talking over the holiday season about a hypothetical situation that could take place with the birth of his future child. It takes us back to the situation Phil Mickelson was in with the Masters and when his wife was ready to give birth. Phil had a beeper that would inform him of when he needed to withdrawal from the Masters because his baby was on the way. Phil said that he would absolutely withdrawal from the tournament even if he was leading and it was the back nine of the final round. Naysayers of Phil (who claim they know what he is REALLY like off the course) think he would have stayed and finished the tournament.

So this discussion my cousin and I had was about if Tiger was placed in that same situation. 3 shot lead with 9 holes to play and his wife goes into labor, does he stay and finish or does he walk straight off and to the hospital?

I don’t know Tiger personally, but I do NOT see him staying in the tournament. First off, Tiger is very proud of the person he is and I do not see him putting golf above anything that comes to family. He would be off the course in a flash. My cousin, however, kept thinking that with Tiger’s run at history against Jack Nicklaus’s majors, he would probably stay and play to win the tournament. I personally think that is ludicrous.

I will bet my bank account the majority of people would say he walks off the course? How about you?

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  1. Deron

    Hey Bryan!

    I don’t think Tiger would stay and play either. Like you said, Tiger has always said it’s been about family first.

    I don’t think Phil would have either for that matter. You always hear people talking about Phil when he’s not on the course, but I don’t know how much of that I believe. How you can just have two personalities like that. He seems like a nice enough guy on the course.

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