Augusta – 3, Players – 0

I believe it would be safe to say that Augusta National is beating the living sh*t out of the field. Johnny Appleseed, err.. I mean Stuart Appleby scored a triple bogey on 17 which took him away from the beautiful red numbers and back into black. After that, it was sayonara to the field as nobody was under par at Augusta. To be quite honest, I am in somewhat of a state of shock that the course is playing this difficult.

New record breaking history?

We may see some history come late sunday afternoon, and not necessarily positive history. In 1954 & 1956, Sam Snead and Jack Burke respectively won the Masters with a score of 1 over par (289). Thus far, 2 over is leading the 2007 Masters so I am expecting the winning score to be either near even par or 1-2 over.


Something NOT surprising is the position Tiger Woods is currently in, which would be tied for 2nd and playing in the final group. Very familiar for Tiger country and I honestly expect him to be victorious come the 18th green tomorrow. However, even some of Tiger’s shot making today was less then steller. I really question why he even pulls driver out of his bag some times. I should relate to him though, because even though I think I have a remote shot at hitting my driver straight, I still pull it out of my bag and take a swing…and most of the time, its drifting way left or way right and I stand there scratching my head. So I guess I feel for him…then again I don’t make millions of dollars each year.

Tomorrow looks to be a tad warmer, in the low 60’s and less wind, but the course won’t be playing any easier, especially for Sunday’s pin positions.


My prediction is that Augusta will win this year a perfect 4-0 against the tournament field. Winning score will be Tiger Woods at +2 and he will secure yet more records.

  • 5th Green Jacket placing him one step higher then Arnold Palmer and 1 step closer to tying Jack Nicklaus.
  • New high score to win The Masters beating 1 over par set by Sam Snead and Jack Burke in the 1950’s.

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  1. Chad

    Bryan, its so much fun to watch professionals play a round of golf the way I would typically play at my local country club. Par is a great score, lots of struggles to get up and down and the occasional blow up hole that you feel ruins what would have been a good round. Seems to be a very constant theme at Augusta. I agree, after today August 4, Players 0 completing the clean sweep and breaking many records along the way.

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