2007 PGA Championship – Round 1 Review

2007 Southern Hills PGA Championship
After Tiger Wood’s incredible performance at the Bridgestone Invitational last week, many Tiger naysayers raised their eyebrows knowing the confidence he was going to be bringing into this years 2007 PGA Championship. After the first 8 holes, Tiger was 3 under and had everyone wondering how much he was going to run away with this tournament by. After 10 more holes, Tiger is 6 shots back and in the position to do the hunting, not be hunted. My bet is still on Tiger this week. It is hard not to given he has won this tournament 3 times and is also the defending champion. Oh, and since Tiger has been on Tour 10 years and has won 12 majors, I would say the odds are in his favor for a victory on Sunday.

Oh, and Tiger hitting the 5th hole in 2, a 653 yard Par 5…unbelievable. Enough said.

Deja Vu?

In 1991, I was a 10 year old boy standing off of the 11th green at Crooked Stick Country Club in Carmel, IN during the Tuesday practice round trying to collect as many autographs as I could get my hands on. After watching players come through one by one, I saw a golf ball land in the fairway that defied logic. I said to myself, “was that someone’s second shot”. My father came up behind me and said, “No son, that is John Daly’s drive”. I had no clue who John Daly was, just the ‘name’ players: Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Tom Watson, Greg Norman, and more. John Daly was an alternate who was able to slip into the tournament at the last minute. Little did I know the man’s hand I shook that Tuesday afternoon would be carrying the Wanamaker Trophy come Sunday evening.

Deja Vu? John Daly is 1 shot out of the lead. Hitting some bomb drives, great putts, and actually containing his composure, he was able to finish his round in red numbers and move into the 2nd round putting himself with a respectable chance at winning this tournament. I like John and how the public loves him…but if I was in Vegas this weekend, my bets would not be on him. The amazing thing about golf is it takes a handful of shots to become unraveled and the next thing you know, your sitting back 5 shots of the lead and drifting further away.

Storm predicted for the weekend

Damn, the weather is going to be bad at Southern Hills this weekend.

“But Bryan, the weather is going to be fine, just extremely hot…you must have meant Graeme Storm“.

Damn, you are right. So who is this guy? Sounds like someone who would work in a cream cake factory. OH, whoops he did.

At 128th in the World rankings, Storm won the French Open earlier this year and in fact, is only at Southern Hills because of a special invite. Irregardless, a steller 65 puts him 1 shot ahead of Daly as well as an early morning tee-time that will help him beat the heat. If his nerves don’t get him, he could be moving into the 3rd round well ahead of the pack. We have him on radar.

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