Garcia disqualified for incorrect scorecard

Sergio Garcia was disqualified from the 89th PGA Championship on Saturday when he signed an incorrect scorecard following his third round at Southern Hills Country Club. It was the first time Garcia had ever been DQ’d from a major championship.

Sergio Garcia Disqualified
Getty Images

You have got to be kidding me! I am 26 and have never made this mistake in my entire golfing existence. I understand people add up their scores incorrectly from time to time, or they are frustrated they played poorly, so they leave in a hurry, but this is the friggin PGA Championship Sergio. Whether you shot 9 over, 8 over, or 100 over…make sure all your shots are counted. This isn’t just a mistake on his part, but his playing partners. But it is also a mistake that will hit him in the checkbook, which honestly probably won’t even make a dent, but it will in World Rankings and maybe in the Fed Ex Cup points.

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