It’s Tiger’s world, and we’re just all living in it

Tiger Woods - Saturday round at Southern Hills
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As I stated in my last post, Tiger Woods is my favorite to win the 2007 PGA Championship. It’s not because its the final major of the year or that the competition isn’t strong. It’s because Tiger owns 12 majors in his 10 years on tour, and statistically speaking, he has a MUCH MUCH higher chance of winning the PGA Championship than ANYONE else in the field. Others might disagree with that statement, but all statistics of Tiger’s history on the PGA Tour and in majors has shown that when he is leading a tournament after 36 holes, he goes on to win it. In fact, in majors, he has ALWAYS won a major when having the 36 hole lead.

Blistering 62 63

Tiger was strong at the Bridgestone Invitational last week, but his play on Thursday showed us that he had a few tricks up his sleeve, and most of that comes down to putting. He is striking the ball well, his putts just haven’t dropped as much as he has wanted. That all changed on Friday. The Golf Gods had a different plan for Tiger come the 18th hole on Friday. They basically swatted that ball out of the hole for his world record 62 saying:

“Excuse me, Um sir, there have been NO people on this planet that have broken into the sacred ground of 62, and we won’t let you today either…so you are just going to have to join the 20 other guys who have also shot 63’s…. SWAT!!!”

True story.

Fridays round was almost peaking into perfection. Ball striking, short game (how many times has he chipped in this month?), putting, and pure determination. There has been a look on Tiger’s face the last couple weeks that I personally haven’t seen since 2001. It’s unfortunate we are seeing it at the year end major, but better late than never.

Sunday Prediction

With Tiger having a 3 shot lead over Stephen Ames, there is still a slew of people behind him that want the Wanamaker Trophy. Sad news is…none of them will get it. Tiger will end tomorrow with a solid 67, putting him at 10 under for the tournament. Did someone say 9 and 8. Why is it whenever someone opens their mouth to Tiger, he ends up rubbing it back in their face? Stephen Ames did this at the 2006 World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship when he made a comment along the lines of

“The way he is hitting it, well, anything can happen”

Tiger went on to beat him into dust with a 9 and 8 victory. Stephen is playing some good golf right now, but it just won’t be enough for Tiger.

An interesting stat appeared on the television about Tiger and when he is leading the 3rd round of a major. All his competitors typically shoot themselves in the foot with a round in the low/mid 70’s, whereas Tiger continues to dominate with rounds in the 60’s. There will be no doubt we will see more of the same on Sunday.

As said above, Tiger = 67 = 10 under = Win.

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