5 to go – Tiger sits on unlucky 13

Tiger holds the Wanamaker Trophy
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Barry Bonds recently broke the most convented record in all of sports, Hank Aaron’s home run record of 755. I would be willing to stretch my neck out and say that Jack Nickalus’s 18 major wins is another record that would be considered convented in the world of sports. Tiger is now 5 majors from tying that record.

Sunday’s final round was not anything spectacular, especially when compared to Friday’s blistering 63. No, Sunday was about holding the lead and getting the job done, which Tiger did by 2 shots. In the hottest PGA Championship in history, averaging 101 degrees daily, Tiger’s fitness level was probably one of the strongest catalysts in his victory. How he managed to hold up the Wanamaker Trophy during the presentation is beyond me.

Unlucky 13

If Tiger is the superstitious type, which I assume he is not, I certainly would not want to wait 8 more months for an opportunity to move 13 majors into 14. Maybe he will consider a win in the Fed Ex Playoffs a major :)

Watching Tiger’s round on Sunday, I personally felt he was playing things too safe. When I watched the shot making he accomplished on Friday, my gut tells me Tiger is accurate enough on a daily basis to pull off those shots much more often. If he wants it 10 yards behind and to the right of the flagstick, 7 out of 10 balls can probably find that location, where the other 3 will probably be 12 yards behind and to the right. So when I see him firing shots 25 yards from the flag to “be safe”, it frustrates me knowing he could widen the gap even more.

He could have won this tournament by 5-8 shots if he truly wanted to, and I realize only a 1 shot victory is necessary, but 63’s are exciting to watch, whereas ho-hum 69’s are not.

Granted, his ho-hum 69’s were better than most people’s rounds this week, he and the world both know that he left quite a few shots on the course he could have easily reached deep down inside to pull off.


It was awesome to see his wife and daughter waiting for him and the end of his round. Given how hot it was outside, I can’t imagine Sam (his daughter) being anywhere in the sun for more than 5 minutes. So as Tiger went in to sign his scorecard, he saw his wife and daughter (in trademark Tiger Sunday red) there to congratulate him, which is an awesome change from two majors ago after losing his father.

So a huge congratulations to Tiger and his 13th major win. He has 5 more majors to go and at the pace he has set, which is reaching 13 majors 4 years earlier than Jack, I would say he has an extremely good shot to reaching 18 majors by 2010 – 2012.

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