redesigns for the Playoffs

PlayoffsI am not quite sure if is moving in a redesign direction for their entire site or if they are focusing efforts just on the homepage, but its certainly a striking difference from the old homepage. The other theory is this is simply a design meant solely for the Playoffs and will be gone once they are complete.

PGATour Redesigns for Playoffs

The homepage focuses its attention on the upcoming Playoff events, starting first with the upcoming Barclays. The use of blues and greens are typically a good combination to blend together when it comes to web page design (btw – I am a web designer by profession, so I am allowed to make these comments :)). They have done what they could to literally cram as much information into the site as possible. Most sports related websites have to do this, as the typical sports visitor doesn’t care about clicking 10 pages deep to get to their story. So with the use of fancy Ajax tabs, they provide the end user the ability to view almost any content they want from the various areas, whether it’s changing the Playoff destinations, checking out the FedEx point totals, who is on the leaderboard, etc…

The one problem I specifically see with it is information overload. If you find your eyes darting from side to side trying to focus on what you want to read/view, that is never a good sign and I find myself doing just that.

I personally do not want to see them take this site wide, as it currently is not. Like I mentioned earlier, this could simply be a “Playoffs” design meant to grab the golf fanatic and get them exciting about the prospects of Playoffs in golf. The Golf Channel, Pgatour, and TV networks really have been pushing the FedEx Playoffs this year extremely hard. The question is whether it will be a Barry Bonds home run or a Phil Mickelson flop.

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