Tiger Withdrawals from the Barclays

PlayoffsIn it’s first public ‘kick in the stomach’, the FedEx Playoffs will be missing one particular player in it’s opening tournament, The Barclays. You have probably never heard of him, kind of a no-namer in this sport and doesn’t have much to his tournament resume, you know that guy…Tiger Woods. Well, he has decided to back out of the FedEx opener citing mental and physical exhaustion from the last couple of weeks of tournament play, in which he won both events. I realize Tiger puts more effort into tournaments, mentally and physically, when compared to his playing partners but his decision to NOT play in the anticipated first ever Playoff’s in golf is ridiculous. Cry me a river Tiger.

The reason this is a blow to the FedEx Cup series is because it affects so many things.

  • Fans
  • Television Ratings
  • Playing Competitors
  • Money
  • First ever Playoffs in golf
  • Overall tour morale

Players and fans alike are looking forward to these playoffs to see the best players in the world dual head to head and knock each other out. What makes this worse is that Tiger can skip the first one, and STILL WIN by attending the next three Playoff events. Are you kidding me? I love watching Tiger play and win, but I also enjoy ethical golf and that means if Tiger doesn’t play this Thursday, he SHOULD be out of the playoffs altogether. I mean, in what other sport can you have a setup for Playoffs, and a team or playing competitor chooses to skip it and they continue onto the next round? Apparently golf.

In related news

Jeff Overton, an awesome golfer who is a local to Indiana, including being a recent graduate of Indiana University, has made the FedEx Playoffs. I noticed his name and picture in the Top 5 Movers: Wyndham Championship and with a 2nd place finish at the Wyndham Championship, it secured him a place in the Playoffs. Overton made the Playoffs by participating in only 11 events, which is very impressive.

Having played with Jeff multiple times when I attended the University of Evansville along with some of my U of E teammates, I can attest to Jeff’s golfing ability.

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