Is the FedEx Cup a joke? The Tour players think so

FedEx CupIt is becoming extremely obvious that not many people can understand the format or the process the FedEx Cup is undertaking, even from the players within its own organization. It reminds me of a job where team members are brought on because of a certain skill set they possess. They all have this idea their opinion matters by speaking at the right times, or expecting to have some decision making process, etc… but when it’s all said and done, those at the top of the food chain are still in command and override any decisions or opinions of those in their organization. It’s quite sad, because sometimes those that are just the “grunt” workers tend to have the best ideas. That is what is happening on the PGA Tour. You have the owners running this “great idea” called the Fed Ex Cup, but not many “employees (aka, Players) supporting the entire idea.

While browsing my favorite golf websites today, I came across a great interview with an anonymous Tour player over at This ‘player’ speaks his mind about the various issues on tour, but specifically the Fed Ex Cup. Below are some excerpts from the article, but I suggest you read the entire thing yourself.

Where’s the buzz? The only time I hear guys in the locker room talking about the playoffs is to rip them. It’s one thing that John Q. Public doesn’t know much about the FedEx Cup or how it works. It’s another that not very many players do, either.

We’re not playing for real money. First prize is $10 million that you can’t access until you’re 45, so if you win, I guess you get a big cardboard check you can’t cash for 20 years. Phil Mickelson was complaining about that at the PGA, and most of us agree. Say I win the $10 million. I’d want to give my caddie his 10% cut, except how do I pay him when I don’t get any money? It’s like giving a five-year-old a Cadillac for his birthday and telling him, “Sorry, you can’t drive it until you’re 18.” The whole premise of this thing was to make the end of the season more exciting, but if you want to do that, you have to dangle a real prize in front of us.

The FedEx Cup was modeled on NASCAR’s Nextel Cup. The only people who care about the Nextel Cup are NASCAR fans. The only people who are going to care about the FedEx Cup are golf fans. The playoffs are not going to generate a bigger audience for golf. In fact, the playoffs are so confusing they might turn off some fans.

And what happens at the Tour Championship, the final event, if Woody Austin and Nick Watney are tied for the tournament lead and the FedEx Cup comes down to Phil and Tiger, who are tied for 25th, but whoever finishes higher is going to be the FedEx Cup champ? Who does NBC show on TV? I think I know the answer.

Now, is this really an anonymous tour player and not just some outspoken writer? I will go with my gut and say it’s a real player, because just as an avid golf fan and viewer, I can already see so many things wrong with the Fed Ex Cup and format. Again, the fact that Tiger, which whom I am a huge fan, can skip the first event and STILL have an opportunity to win it is ridiculous. Your either in or your out.

The Barclays

Speaking of the FedEx Cup, tomorrow (August 23rd) is the beginning of The Barclays, the 1st leg of 4 regarding the playoffs.

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