Stricker Wins | Sabbatini’s an idiot | Finch hit in face

Steve Stricker wins the Barlclays
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Wow, Sunday night is filled with all sorts of news stories, most notably the conclusion of the Barclays with Steve Stricker taking home the first playoff win (including $1,260,000) and sliding Tiger Woods into 4th place. Again, as mentioned in prior postings, Tiger shouldn’t even be eligible in the rest of the playoffs, but he is, well, Tiger…so they won’t kick him out. He brings in high television ratings, which equals more money for everyone.

So with the first playoff over and this being the playoffs, this means some people move on, and others go home. According to the FedEx Cup rules, only the top 120 in the FedExCup standings at the end of The Barclays are eligible to move onto the Deutsche Bank Championship. This means 24 people (the field was 144) have to say bye bye. Some notables that are not moving on are: Bill Hass, Frank lickliter II, Cory Pavin, Bob Tway, and Shigeki Maruyama.

Rory Sabbatini continues to complain about Tiger Woods

Now, I will say I am in agreement with Rory and other tour players about Tiger missing this tournament and how it “should” affect the rest of the playoffs, BUT why can’t Rory just shut his mouth about other things. Coming out of the rumor mill at, it looks like Rory has opened his mouth about Tiger Woods again. This time, it is in regards to publicly saying that Tiger missing the Barclays is more than “fatigue”. Hey Rory, who cares. If Tiger has to miss this tournament for any reason, it really is no business of yours. Maybe his daughter is sick, maybe he really is tired, maybe Elin is having problems, etc… point is, Tiger chose to not play for his own reasons. Should he be ineligible for the rest of the playoffs. Yes. Should he be badmouthed for not playing this week. Absolutely not.

Rory, take a hint from the last handful of times you have badmouthed Tiger and the ass-whooping he has given you. Sometimes, it is just best to keep quiet, do your work, and go home.

Ian Baker-Finch gets hit in the face by Beems ball

In ‘odd’ news out of the golf world, Ian Baker-Finch got hit in the face by Rich Beem’s golf ball during the final round of the Barclays. This is what the posting on said:

Rich Beem’s second shot on No. 18 deflected into CBS analyst Ian Baker-Finch’s face after hitting a rail behind the green, dropping him to the ground. Baker-Finch was back on his feet a little later and appeared to be OK.

“I took one for the U.S. Presidents Cup team,” Beem joked, noting that Baker-Finch will assist International captain Gary Player at the Presidents Cup.

“I think he’ll be all right. Luckily, I didn’t catch him on the fly. But still, to get hit by a golf ball coming that hard can’t feel any good.”

This Thursday, the Deutsche Bank Championship will begin with a field of 120 players and the arrival of Tiger Woods into the FedEx Cup Playoffs. Can’t wait.

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