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tigerwoods_2008_easports.jpgSince Tiger Woods is back in the FedEx Cup this week for the 2nd playoff event, The Deutsche Bank Championship where Tiger is also the defending champion, we will see television ratings spike compared to last weeks opening playoff event, The Barclays. The field is now down to 120 players, with 9 of the top 10 golfers in the World Golf Rankings ready to gather up some points. As always, my bet is on Tiger, as mentioned above is the defending Champion and going for his 3rd straight win. is offering live coverage

I recommend heading over to and finding the LIVE links scattered across the site. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Vijay Singh are playing together at 1:07pm which will be covered with the live video and telecast. As with other tournaments, this will be the most followed and watched group, mostly because of Tiger’s re-entrance into the Fed Ex Cup.

Sabattini fires off at the press

I will give Sabattini credit where credit is due. The press are like blood hounds and will attack anything that moves. Often times, taking words/phrases completely out of context to grab that front page headline. I haven’t personally gone back and looked at any transcripts from Rory’s past conversations/press conferences, but I will take his word that the press has probably been unfair to him. However, I still believe that he should think before he speaks when speaking in regards to Tiger. Whether things are taken out of context or not, there is a pattern forming and it’s not good for the vantage point Rory wants the public to have of him.

Here is his rebuttal of the press at

“Sabbatini: No, actually the media has been the double-edged sword in the fact that I’ll make a statement and they tend to paraphrase it to their liking and change it. You know, if anybody actually had bothered going back and reading transcripts from previous interviews, they would understand what I said instead of just going with the paraphrasing and following that lead. You know, I’ll say that the media has really put a very bitter taste in my mouth.”

Tiger Woods 2008 Video Game

Tiger was in New York City the other day to promote the release of the 2008 version of EA Sports Tiger Woods. I am not a video game buff and if you asked me to review a handful of games, I would fail miseraby. However, I have a Playstation 2 and I thoroughly enjoy the various Tiger Woods games (2005, 2006, 2007) I have from EA Sports. What I enjoy is now only the quality of the game (visually) gets better) but the difficulty increases making it much harder to fire a 24 under round of 18 holes :)

The graphics are sick and I recommend visiting The Media section of Tiger Woods 2008 at to view various photos and videos of this game.

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