Tiger En Fuego

Tiger Woods Wins BMW ChampionshipFor any non-spanish speaking people in the audience, that means “Tiger On Fire”. As expected and predicted, Tiger Woods won the BMW Championship with an incredible display of shotmaking, and not just from Tiger alone. Aaron Baddeley and Steve Stricker all Sunday were nipping at Tiger’s heels as all three exchanged shots taking sole leads and shares of the lead. It was very exciting to watch. Tiger, being his Tiger tournament self, vaulted himself into the lead on the par 4 – 13th hole that he never gave up. His 8-under 63 tied the Cog Hill course record and was one off from his personal tournament best. He narrowly missed birdies on 17 and 18 which would have given him an impressive 10 under par round. To bad we didn’t get to see it. However, at Tiger always putts it, “a W is a W and that is all that matters”.

Leads the FedEx Cup points race

With Tiger’s victory on Sunday came a springboard into first place in the FedEx Cup points race. Tiger, who was 3rd to Phil Mickelson and Steve Stricker now holds a 3100 point lead over Stricker, who himself played an incredible round of golf on Sunday, and at one point solely taking the lead.

Phil’s Phone Call

In a strange event, Phil Mickelson called Johnny Miller’s cell phone near the end of Sunday’s round to more or less, get an update on how this will affect the points race. The exchange went on for over a minute live (without hearing Phil’s voice).

A few potential Statistics for the FedEx Cup Winner

Current Point Leaders

Tiger – 112,733
Steve Stricker – 109,600
Phil Mickelson – 108,6123

Points for Tour Championship Placement

1st – 10,300
2nd – 6,200
3rd – 3,900
4th – 2,800
5th – 2,300
10th – 1,550

If Tiger gets 4th, that puts him at 115,533. If that happens, Stricker has to get 2nd at worse.
If Tiger gets 2nd, Stricker has to win.

For Phil to win, he must get no worse than 2nd and Tiger must be out of the top 4.

Rory Sabbatini (103,588) could win the FedEx Cup if he wins the Tour Championship (113,888), Tiger must do worse than 10th, Mickelson and Stricker must get worse than 2nd.

If Tiger, Steve, and Phil all fall completely apart, the Cup is still up for grabs, but that will be unlikely.

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