Tiger to skip Grand Slam | Sutton receives Stewart Award | Norman splits

Tiger has opted to skip this years PGA Grand Slam of Golf held in Bermuda so he can spend some time with his family. In 2 weeks, the Presidents Cup will be here and after that, Tiger will have played 7 of his last 11 weeks. His next tournament will be the Target World Challenge which will cumulate his longest break from golf since being injured, which is 2 1/2 months.

Hal Sutton receives the Payne Stewart Award

Hal Sutton became the 10th player to receive the prestigious award for following many of the same qualities that made Payne Stewart was famous for, specifically respect for golf traditions, his charitable work and presentation in dress. His latest projects have included a children’s hospital in Shreveport, La., raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims and building a golf course.

Congratulations Hal, it’s a great award to receive!

Norman’s wife reportedly gets half

It is being reported Greg Norman’s ex-wife has received almost $200 million from the divorce settlement. Rumor has it, she threatened to reveal certain aspects of Greg’s personal life if he didn’t cough up the money. Well, he coughed it up and pretty quick from the looks of it. I would imagine these personal aspects of his life that are obviously very secretive are the reasons for their divorce. Maybe…Maybe not.

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