Tour Championship, horrible greens

East Lake’s GreensAs you can tell from the photo on the right (credits to David Dusek), the greens at East Lake are in superb condition, especially around the collars. I mean, just look at them…we are talking Augusta type grain and quality. Smooth like silk. Ok, so Hot-lanta’s summer days have given the golf course a beating and even though dire warnings were sent to the players about what greens could and couldn’t be played on during practice, the course is going to take a Royal beating this weekend. Thank goodness we are in the final stretch of the FedEx Cup and only 30 players will using the course.

The final stretch

So we are finally down to the top 30 in the Fed Ex Cup points standings and left with 6 guys who have the opportunity to win it. Let’s be realistic though, really there are only 3 guys who have the chance of winning. Woods, Stricker, and Mickelson. However, a Cinderella story could form for the likes of Rory Sabbatini, K.J. Choi, and Aaron Baddeley who are on the extremely short list of “possibly” winning the FedEx Cup. Aaron Baddeley played a solid round of golf last week and certainly might have more momentum then the others to get the chance of winning.

I personally would love to see Stricker and Woods go head to head in the back nine, similar to what we saw at the BMW Championship. Only difference is I want them to be in the same group.

A few potential Statistics for the FedEx Cup Winner

Current Point Leaders

Tiger – 112,733
Steve Stricker – 109,600
Phil Mickelson – 108,6123

Points for Tour Championship Placement

1st – 10,300
2nd – 6,200
3rd – 3,900
4th – 2,800
5th – 2,300
10th – 1,550

If Tiger gets 4th, that puts him at 115,533. If that happens, Stricker has to get 2nd at worse.
If Tiger gets 2nd, Stricker has to win.

For Phil to win, he must get no worse than 2nd and Tiger must be out of the top 4.

Rory Sabbatini (103,588) could win the FedEx Cup if he wins the Tour Championship (113,888), Tiger must do worse than 10th, Mickelson and Stricker must get worse than 2nd.

Should be an exciting weekend.

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